Hello January

E,A & myself at the Imperial War Museum

Now that S is back to work and kids are back in school, I find myself here again.

The Christmas period was lovely with the kids visiting places we don’t have time for during the year.

So E hasn’t been sure about Father Christmas and his existence. He was asking me a lot of tricky questions and finally announced that when we get home he will Google “Is Santa real?”. (Which thankfully he forgot about.)

On Christmas Eve I wrote a little letter from Santa. Trying to make it interesting, I put down that Rudolph has a cold and Prancer might take his place in pulling the sleigh. We put the letter near the presents and the sock in the boys’ room while they were sleeping.

In the morning E & A wake up super excited to open their presents. And silence…

Something must be wrong. A is thrilled with his plane and nothing from E.

He comes quietly in our room and hands me the box which was meant to be his present: “Mummy this is for you.” “Oh crap! I forgot to remove the address label FFS!” Panicking I said to S, this is the right time to tell E about Santa.

Then S had a revelation. He took out the present from the box and managed to sneak it in E’s wardrobe. He asked E what was in the letter and S convinced him that Prancer might have been up to some tricks.

Eventually E found the present and happiness was restored.

It is tough being Santa but won’t have to do it again until next year!

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