After Summer


Seems like it’s been a while since the kids went back to school. But this time it was a different back to school.

E has moved to a new school. He loved then he hated it then he was (is, really) OK with it. He still misses his old friends. He was very close to some of the boys in his class and he didn’t realise how comforting this was for him. Luckily we’re catching up with these friends during half term.A is now in reception in the same school but without his brother. He started off by arguing with me all the way to school why it is unfair he has to go there every day. (He also finds it unfair Daddy has to go to work.) A is making new friends and doesn’t complain as much these days.This is the first time both boys are in full time school, so much time for myself now, or so I thought!


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