I wasn’t sure about how to spend the Easter break this year as we just found out I have a herniated disc which is causing quite a bit of pain on the left hip while walking and sleeping. And sitting down actually. So I needed to take things easier than usual. Luckily my parents were here for the first week. They helped with taking kids to the park and doing housework. During the second week S’s brother, wife and 4 kids came over.

The kids loved it and so did we. We managed to go round some places. S had two days off Good Friday and Easter Monday and he also spent some time with us. Easter Sunday was good as M & I cooked a nice meal and spent the day drinking and eating which is what these holidays are for! 🙂

We’re back to routine now. The house feels so empty without our families but hopefully it won’t be too long before we see them again.

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