Star of the Week

sallyNow don’t get me wrong I’m thrilled A got star of the week last week. He got to take Sally home for the weekend, take a few pictures, stick them in the album and take her back on Monday.

A hasn’t been settling in well in nursery. He asked S this morning “Daddy, do you want to go to work?” S’s obvious reply was “I’d rather stay home with you.” To which A replied “Because I don’t want to go to school either.”

Well, you have to. But sometimes I just wonder whether these awards the kids get given like Headteacher’s award, Special teacher’s award etc are truly given when they achieve something. E who is normally very good only gets it once a year where others who need more encouragement get it more often.

I think this might give the wrong impression to kids like E who might think they’re not doing enough? Just sayin. 🙂

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