I am the Music Man

E has now started learning to play the violin. Still not sure whether to rejoice or bury my head. On one side it’s great that he wants to do an extra curricular activity and I’m very happy he’s interested in music, but on the other hand not sure about the choice of instrument. For the violin to sound good, needs years and years of practice and I’m not sure I can stand all the whining coming out of it until that day comes. I’ll have to wait and see.

A has settled down well in nursery and he’s bringing home all these little crafts that he does. He’s really proud of his creations!

In the meantime, it looks like Autumn is now well under way. We are enjoying splashing in the puddles and watching the leaves fall off the trees. I never tire looking at all the different colours in the trees. It is my favourite season to go for long walks. Luckily E has made friends again with his bike. S took off his pedals and he’s using it like a big balance bike. I’m hoping that once he’s fully comfortable with it he will ask to have his pedals back on. A is really keen to go on the bike. He walks with his balance bike as it is still too big for him. I am looking to get him a smaller one to make him use up some of his energy!

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