Back to School

And we’re back to school now. E is now in Year 1 with a teacher who is also new to the school. We also have a new headteacher at school and already seeing some changes being made. Really happy about the morning drop off where the parents cannot go in beyond the gate and have to wait until the bell rings for the kids to go inside. We have 20 minutes where we can drop them off. It is less stressful for parents with younger kids. A never wanted to stay strapped in the pushchair and wanted to play with the bigger kids who are not always gentle. And now I do not even have to take the buggy out of the car and by 9 I have already started the day! 🙂 It is A’s second week in nursery.

Today is the first day where he was happy to go in. I think he’s getting used to it. He is only doing 2 mornings a week which we might increase. We’ll see how he gets on. This week the activities start running again. A was very excited to go to Twisters yesterday. He went back to doing gymnastics like we’ve never stopped for summer. This evening E will have his first gymnastics lesson of the year. He is very excited about it. E had his first violin lesson at school this week. I’m very happy that he’s starting to learn music, not so much about the choice of instrument but if he gets the hang of it, it will be good. Will keep you posted! Promise. 🙂

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