First Steps

firststepsA started to walk last Saturday. I’d been waiting for him to do his first independent steps for a whole week. As soon as I’m out the door for a coffee S calls me to say it has happened but I missed the call. I was happy S saw him doing it though as he’d been working hard all week. 🙂 For the video have a look here.

It was Halloween this week and we went out trick or treating. Mr A wasn’t impressed as he wanted to get out of the pushchair and walk but the streets were too busy. He was kept happy with a few treats on the way but at some point nothing was working any more so we headed home. E was very tired too by the end of it. Here is a photo of them as Captain Hook and little spider.

S had his birthday this week too and E & I baked him a cake. E was very excited about it all. He made him a very nice card and helped me prepare food for a little party for the 4 of us.

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