Back from Greece

boysincorfuE enjoyed it so much. All of us liked the weather and the food. A & E’s favourite food was the moussaka.
We went for a week to Athens where we saw the sights. It was so nice to walk in the sun and just be outside.
Then we got a plane and went to one of the islands, Corfu. E enjoyed it more here, he loved the sand and was playing all day. We also swam in the sea (A is a born swimmer :)) but E wasn’t so keen. He preferred to swim in the outdoor pool.
He had some relaxing time together and I managed to get a good suntan. 🙂 I would definitely recommend going to Greece with the kids, they are like little celebrities. Everywhere we go, people chat to them and restaurants are child-friendly as well. We stayed in child friendly hotels but in general people are ok with kids running around. Also in a restaurants the waitress asked us whether we would like her to hold A while we have our dinner!
The next day we got here, A got the chickenpox. E is fine for now. He’s been back to nursery and told everyone all about our holiday. He keeps on talking about it. Hope he doesn’t forget it. 🙂

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