Aidan is Born

On Monday the 6th of August we left home early in the morning to drop E to the childminder to take him to nursery. We had to be in hospital at 7:30 and the nursery only opens at 8. We told him Daddy is going to pick him up later from nursery and bring him to hospital to see Mum and his little brother A. He was very excited.

We got to hospital on time however it was more than an hour later that we were admitted to the recovery centre where we had to wait for a further 4 hours to go in the theatre. We were the only ones on the list for an elective c-section however there were 4 emergency cesareans that need to be done before us. It was so long and boring and I was getting more anxious as time went by.

We were admitted to the theatre at noon and I braced myself for the worst part – having the epidural done. The staff were very nice however the epidural took a good 20 mins to be done. Unlike last time I was lying down rather the sitting up because I was feeling faint. When all this was over, I started looking forward to meet our baby for the first time. Once we heard the sucking noise (probably draining the amniotic fluid) we knew this was a matter of seconds.

And then we heard him screaming his lungs off. It is so emotional hearing him – those few seconds where I could hear him but not see him were endless. I took a quick glimpse of him while they lifted him and the baby doctor took him to weigh him. It was 12:37. Unlike with E I had to wait until I was transferred to the hospital bed before I could hold him. In the meantime S was holding him and he was still screaming his head off.

However when the nurses put him on me, he stopped crying and I gave him my finger to hold to which he took and didn’t let go. Little A is with us – such a happy moment.


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